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Improve your used-car policy with Dealer Occasion Manager


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Why VWE’s Dealer Occasion Manager

In order to implement an effective used-car policy, it is very important to have a clear understanding of performance and market position. Dealer Occasion Manager provides such information and is a very useful tool in used-car management.

Dealer Occasion Manager is linked to your regional classification and therefore provides relevant information about your own region. For example, the tool shows exactly how sales in your region are doing. How many vehicles are you selling in your region? And how many outside your region? And also, how many vehicles of your brand are being sold in your region by competitors from outside your region?

As a dealer, you get a complete picture of how you are doing on one single dashboard, via various indicators. You can click on each indicator to find out more detailed information on sales, for example, or on the number of days that a vehicle has been in stock. The importer receives similar information, but on a nationwide scale.

The tool gives both importers and dealers an insight into:

  • their own performance compared to the target
  • performance compared to the national average
  • local market share
  • the number of days that used cars have been in stock, categorized per model

In short: Dealer Occasion Manager gives importers and dealers the information they need in order to generate good returns from the sale of used cars.

How do we deliver?

Dealer Occasion Manager is a tool completely online, which can be adapted to individual customer’s needs. The tool can be linked to your own regional or dealer classification, and you can set your own targets. Whatever your wishes, we will be pleased to help you achieve them! Together with one of our business consultants, you determine which figures and indicators are useful to you, so that you get exactly the information that makes the difference.


Application can be adapted to your own needs
Figures are made clear through the regional and dealer classifications
User-friendly dashboard

More information or a demonstration?

Would you like to see for yourself how Dealer Occasion Manager works? We will be pleased to give a demonstration. Would you prefer to receive more information first? Fill in your details below and we will contact you within two working days.