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Keep control of your stocks with Dealer Occasion Manager


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Why VWE’s Dealer Occasion Manager

Want to know what your affiliated dealers have in stock? Or whether your stock mix is in line with demand? And do you want to inform the dealers themselves about their stock? You can, with Dealer Occasion Manager.

In the Dealer Occasion Manager dashboard, you can see the current stock mix at a single glance, as well as the degree to which the stock deviates from the optimum mix. The regional analysis shows exactly the vehicles of which there is a surplus and of which there is a shortfall, in comparison to demand in the region. This allows you to adapt your used-car management on the basis of actual figures and market insights.

How do we deliver?

Dealer Occasion Manager is a complete tool. There is no need to incorporate it into existing systems or to invest in specific equipment or software. The tool can be set up in different ways - whatever your wishes, we will be pleased to help you achieve them. Together with one of our business consultants, you determine which figures and indicators are useful to you, so that you get exactly the information that makes the difference.


User-friendly dashboard
Information about the current and optimum stock mix
Insights for both importers and dealers

More information or a demonstration?

Would you like to see for yourself how Dealer Occasion Manager works? We will be pleased to give a demonstration. Would you prefer to receive more information first? Fill in your details below and we will contact you within two working days.