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Optimize your business processes with relevant vehicle features


Would you like to see for yourself what vehicle information VWE provides? Click on the button below to request access to the demo environment - it’s free and there is no obligation. 


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Why vehicle features via VWE?

Relevant information on a vehicle can optimize business processes in many ways. Knowing exactly what type of vehicle is concerned - because you know what its features are - helps you deliver the right result for your customers. An example is showing the correct photos of a vehicle in an advertisement, so that potential buyers get an accurate impression of the vehicle. Or knowing the exact package of options that go with a vehicle, so that you are in a position to offer potential buyers a realistic price.  

Vehicle information plays an important supporting role in your business processes and products and services. Using the registration number or VIN, you can request the desired information about a vehicle, such as:

  • The complete version name
  • The date on which it was first registered
  • Country of origin
  • Ownership history
  • Checking that the mileage is correct
  • Standard features and optional extras
  • Fuel consumption and environmental data
  • Photos of the vehicle
  • Factory specifications (SilverDAT VIN information)

About SilverDAT VIN information
SilverDAT VIN information contains the ex-works specifications of vehicles from the Netherlands and elsewhere, including paint codes and names. VWE has developed SilverDAT VIN information in partnership with the German DAT Group.

How do we deliver?

The vehicle features can be used on your own website, for example, or software system or marketing campaign. That requires different delivery methods - whatever is right for your situation.

We offer an API, so you can request the vehicle feature information you want for every registration number at any time using an XML link. This way, you can use the information in your own software system or website or online shop. We can also enrich your data, by adding vehicle features to a set of registration plates.

The different ways we use to deliver all have one thing in common: we work hand-in-hand with you. Together with one of our business consultants, you determine which vehicle features are important for your process, so that you get exactly the information that makes the difference.


Official RDW data, plus information from specialized sources
Request all the information required directly on the basis of a registration number or VIN
Most detailed range of vehicle information
Custom-made products can be made for optimum benefit for your own applications

More information or a demonstration?

Would you like to see for yourself what vehicle information VWE provides? You can, in the demo environment. Ask for access to the demo environment - it’s free and there is no obligation - and find out exactly what vehicle features you can receive. Fill in your details below and we will contact you within two working days.