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Import a car from the Netherlands

Why buy a car in the Neterlands?

Dutch cars are of good quality and therefore popular among importers. Are you looking for a car? Then take a look at ‘Automarkt’, where numerous cars are shown that are ideal for importing. Or check the offer of our partners.

Automarkt Offer partners

Once you bought a car in the Netherlands, we can help you to de-register the car and arrange all the necessary documentation for taking it to the destination country. So you can take the car to your destination without any worries!

How does it work?

Basic documents
Are you looking to buy a car in the Netherlands? Via VWE, you can de-register it from the Netherlands and arrange all the necessary documentation for taking it to the destination country. You arrange an export statement through VWE and - if you intend to drive the car out of the country - an export registration plate and temporary insurance cover.

Easy import with additional documents
We can also help you with additional documents that can make the process of importing easier. This includes a ‘Verklaring Typegoedkeuringsgegevens’ - a document showing all the technical information about the vehicle - or an ‘EUR1 Factuurverklaring’, a document that shows that the vehicle was manufactured in the EU, which in some cases can be beneficial when importing it.

What about taxes?
When importing a car from the Netherlands, you can sometimes gain from tax advantages. There are two distinct situations:

Importing into a country in the EEA
If you import a car into a country outside the EEA, the Dutch seller can reclaim part of the BPM (vehicle tax). This means that in many cases you can purchase the car at a reduced price. For the seller, it is important that he is able to demonstrate that the vehicle really has been exported to a non-EEA country. You may therefore be asked by the seller to send him a copy of the registration document bearing your name in the destination country. The deposit that you previously paid will in some cases then be returned to you.

It is also possible that the seller will first apply for a temporary registration in an EEA country (in Germany, for example, using a ‘Fahrzeugbrief’). This means that the seller can request a reimbursement of the BPM (vehicle tax) immediately, as a result of which you can benefit from a lower price for the car and from not having to pay a deposit.

Vehicle tax calculator

Importing into a country outside the EU
If you wish to import a car into a country that is not in the EU, the seller does not have to charge VAT, which means you can purchase the car more cheaply. However, the seller can only waive the VAT if you are able to demonstrate that the car really will be leaving the EU. For this reason, you require an ‘EAD Douanedocument’ that you should have scanned as proof when leaving the EU. You can obtain the EAD Douanedocument directly from VWE when exporting your car.

Note: always check in advance which documents are needed in the country of destination and in the countries through which you will be travelling.

Where can I go?

VWE has many locations through the whole country, where you can get the right documents. Check here at which location we can help you.