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About VWE

The company

Ton Vestering has been in the trade for forty years. In those four decades, his modest car firm in De Goorn has grown into a leading data provider with twelve branches across the country. Today, VWE helps the car industry with smart online tools so that companies can concentrate on the matters that really matter to them.

VWE was created in 1993 from a car company and knows the needs and wishes of other car companies better than anyone.  If you work in the car industry, then you know that the many administrative processes often take a lot of time. This undermines the primary process. VWE helps the car industry with smart online tools so that companies can concentrate on the aspects that really matter to them.

As an RDW provider, we supply the services that companies recognized by the RDW need, and we offer online services with which we support the complete vehicle purchase and sale process. We also supply vehicle information and documents to car companies, importers, auction houses, lease companies, insurance companies, industry parties, and others.

We relieve you of extra work, which enables you to focus on your business.

Mission and vision

Anyone using the most complete and factual car information is certain of a long-term future.

Solutions for everyone in relation to cars from which you can benefit anywhere, at any time.

Why us?
Because we believe that everyone, private citizens and businesses alike, whether they live in or outside the Netherlands, who works with, is interested in, or possesses a car, wants certainty and wants to be relieved of all the cares and stresses associated with cars.

Our ambition
Based on the most complete factual vehicle information, VWE provides sound and passionate support for the primary processes of everyone in the supply chain in and outside the Netherlands with transparency, insights, and convenience. VWE connects parties and makes care-free, efficient car transactions possible.