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Are you a private individual and would you like to export a vehicle? You can visit one of the VWE servicepoints to apply for all the required export documents and vehicle registration numbers.

How can I export my vehicle?
To correctly export your vehicle, you need to complete a number of steps. First of all, you need to deregister your vehicle in the Netherlands. You can do this by visiting one of our servicepoints or our service centre in Heerhugowaard.

You will be required to bring along the following items:

  • Your complete, most recent vehicle registration document Part I (IA), Part II (IB) and a Copy of Part III/Transfer certificate (II) OR the vehicle registration card;
  • The accompanying number plate or plates;
  • Original and valid proof of identity.

Required export documents
The VWE will subsequently deregister your vehicle in the vehicle register. We will provide you with a VWE export certificate and a new Vehicle Registration Certificate Part II confirming this cancellation.

If you plan to drive the vehicle to its destination on public roads, you are required to purchase an export registration number. This registration number is valid for 14 days. In other words, this is how much time you have to drive the vehicle to its destination country, where it can be recorded in the vehicle register of the country in question.

Besides an export registration number, you are also required by law to take out mandatory insurance for the vehicle for this 14-day term. You can do this using the Green Card motor insurance certificate, possibly supplemented with the roadside assistance insurance Car Assistance, which ensures that you are helped quickly and expertly in the event of car breakdown en route.

To obtain a vehicle registration number in the country of destination, you may be required to present a declaration of type-approval data. The declaration of type-approval data contains the technical data, the type-approval number and the European class of the vehicle. VWE can issue a declaration of type-approval data for most cars and caravans, so that the import process runs smoothly and simply.

Vehicles exported to a country outside the European Union need to be accompanied by an EAD Customs document. The customs document is stamped at the EU border as proof that the vehicle has actually been exported.

Do you have questions about exporting vehicles?
For all the required export documents and vehicle registration numbers, feel free to visit one of our VWE servicepoints. For other questions, please contact the VWE service centre or call VWE on telephone no. +31 88 - 893 7001.

+31 (0)88 – 893 7001

You can now order the milieusticker on the dutch VWE website. This vignet allows a car driver to drive in German cities.